My home is based in Otley in Suffolk (that's 9 miles north west of Ipswich), I was born in Suffolk and have lived in the area for all my life.

My place of birth was Kesgrave. While I was in single figures we lived in the following areas, Ipswich (east), Kesgrave and then back to the Foxhall area.

In 1968 we moved out to Otley where my dad had bought the local garage and filling station along with the adjoining bungalow and 2.25 acre's of land. Apart from a couple of short periods of three or four years I have made my home in Otley.


The garage has long been sold off but we still live on the remainder of the property, dad has the bungalow and 'D' & I have something that I had wanted for years, a wooden home with a verandah (just like in the Waltons). Ok, so it's not quite like the Blue Ridge Mountains but not that far off.

Our home was built by Pinelog of Derby and was transported in, it is totally made of timber and is as warm as toast in winter with it's excellent insulate properties. You may have seen similar constructions in the forest holiday parks?, well you could say that I'm on holiday whenever I'm at home.

We have stables, grazing, a workshop and once I get around to it a rebuilt barn/motorbike showroom - store.

In the distant future I would like to move to Scotland to retire, up on one of those hillside farms with peace and tranquillity all around.

We would miss our home here in Otley as we have put in many hours of work, and watched it grow and flourish. Recent excessive house building on adjoining properties has so far not affected our little paradise but it could be only a matter of time!



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